What lengths would you go to protect your family? Most of us would go to any length to protect our loved ones. So why do so many of us fail to put fire prevention methods in place to protect them from fire.

To protect both your family and home from the risk of fire, it’s a good idea to have a home safety plan that focuses on both preventing fires and responding to a fire should one occur. The most important thing to have is a working smoke alarm; but a fire extinguisher is just as important. You should ideally have at least one indoor; a cooking fire extinguisher in the kitchen if you are only opting for one.

The most common causes of household fires are smoking, unattended cooking equipment and grill pans so having an extinguisher to hand in your kitchen is a good idea. Overheating microwaves, overloaded electric sockets and laptops left charging for too long are also major causes. Fires like this can devastate lives and homes. But the good news is that most fires that occur in the home preventable by a small investment in an aerosol fire extinguisher.

Fire Prevention Methods

There are other measures you can take towards fire prevention. Simple things like ensuring your cigarettes are fully extinguished, keeping grill pans clean, keeping your hobs clear and never leaving a pan unattended on your hob. You should also avoid leaving your mobiles and laptops charging for more than they need and be careful not to overload sockets.

Fire Prevention methods protect your family Total Safe UK Essex fire safety solutionsAerosol extinguishers should be readily accessible during a fire. You should not be routing round cupboards and old boxes trying to find where you put it.

If there is a fire, your natural instincts may tell you to put it out immediately. For small fires, it is okay to listen to these instincts. But, because fires can spread so rapidly, before using an extinguisher, you should make sure you have alerted everyone in your home and that someone has called the fire brigade. Most importantly though, you should make sure you have a clear exit in case you have to get out of your home quickly.

If the fire is spreading, if there is too much smoke, or your instincts have kicked in telling you its not safe, get out as quickly and as safely as you can.

Always remember your safety and the safety of your family is the number one priority in a fire. Things can be replaced but lives cannot.