Hi my name is Ross – I have really enjoyed the Positive Path Foundation Zoom meetings during lockdown. We have played bingo, charades, quizzes and “who am I” and dance sessions as well as a drama workshop. We are rehearsing for a pantomime, Aladdin. I have made lots of new friends. We have a lot of events planned for when the Lockdown eases. My mum has also enjoyed joining in the zoom meetings and she has met some new parents and carers. She says it has been a lifesaver, during lockdown.

Wendy, Ross‘s mum – My son and myself have enjoyed meeting new people/ families

Hi my name is Daniella – I have Down Syndrome . When I first joined Positive Path Foundation we had a lot of events on zoom during lockdown. We did bingo and quizzes. I wanted to make friends so I wanted to join this group. My friend Joseph recommend me to this group.

, Daniella‘s

Hi my name is Tyra – I like going to drama club and going to Crazy Golf and meeting new friends. I like hanging out with all the people. I also like doing the zooms with quizzes and bingo and other games. It is fun to be able to talk to others and Jane and her helpers are good and kind and support us all. I like that we go out to coffee shops or pubs and other outings with all of them and it is nice to have new friends to talk to and do things with, together. Jane is a loving caring person who helps us all to understand things and feel better about ourselves. She supports us and encourages

Lisa, Tyra‘s mum – My daughter joined Positive Path Foundation shortly after lockdown during the COVID pandemic. It was a wonderful decision. During lockdown the regular Zoom meetups and fun interactions – the group played Bingo and charades along with other games and they practised their up-coming pantomime during the regular zooms. My daughter looked forward to them every time! Meeting up in person was even better as she felt part of a group. Jane is incredible at bringing out the best in each of them and she has encouraged them to be supportive of one another and really ensured they have fun at all the interesting activities organised for the group. Her ability to reach each individual and inspire them is unique and I am so grateful that she can see each person’s needs and responds to them accordingly. Grateful parent with a happy daughter!