A fire extinguisher is a vital piece of equipment in a building as it ensures that flames can be controlled before they get out of hand. It is hugely important that they have a regular fire extinguisher service as, as highly pressurised cylinders, if they are corroded or damaged, they can explode and cause serious injury to staff.

A fire extinguisher service checks a number of things, for example:

          Is the extinguisher in date?

          Is it in visibly good condition?

          Has it been tampered with?

          Is the weight and/or pressure correct?

          Does the pin work?

          Is the hose in good working order?

          Are the instructions on the extinguisher legible?

At the end of the service, the engineer will be able to tell you which extinguishers need replacing or advise on additional extinguishers you may need to bring you in line with regulations.

Our friendly engineers are fully trained to offer complete fire extinguisher maintenance, to give you peace of mind that in the event of a fire, your first line of defence is protected. If you think any of the extinguishers on your premises need replacing, or you cannot remember the last time they were inspected, contact Total Safe UK today to arrange a free consultation.

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