On entering a building, it is nearly always guaranteed that there will be an extinguisher nearby in case of emergency. But what if you reached for that extinguisher and it didn’t work? This can be the outcome without regular fire extinguisher inspections and proper maintenance.

All extinguishers should be inspected regularly and maintained by a licensed fire protection company annually. Fire Extinguishers from Total Safe Uk health and safety in Essex and the South East

Do a Visual Inspection…

Checking for any obvious signs of physical damage is a really good way to see if you need professional maintenance. Damage like dents and other markings may not necessarily mean that the extinguisher is unusable or broke.

Check for a Charge…

Did you know that your fire extinguisher has a charge? Extinguishers need consistent pressure if you ever need to use it. To ensure this, just carry out a simple check to make sure your extinguishers are fully charged. 

Test the Hardware…

It is important to check extinguisher hardware as it can get clogged/damaged. You should not detach the hose yourself, if you think there is a clog. A professional can completely replace the hardware without replacing the whole unit. 

Check the Bracket & Clean It…

Before you put your extinguisher back on the bracket, check for any visual damage. Look for things like cracks or dents and wipe away any dirt or other build-up .Always make sure the gauge is readable.

Health and safety advice from British Standards specify that maintenance of extinguishers should be performed annually and by a qualified person. Ensuring your fire extinguishers are always in perfect working order is an employer’s responsibility, and Total Safe help to make sure this procedure is simple, inexpensive and carried out with the highest level of care.

After the service, your Total Safe engineer will fit a label with details of the inspection. This will including the date, engineer’s name and weight of the extinguisher, as well as the date of the next expected service. Our support team will be in touch shortly before the next test date to arrange a suitable date and time for the next visit.

Your Total Safe engineer will be more than happy to instruct your staff on what to look out for. They can then perform monthly in-house checks to ensure extra ongoing protection.

For all Fire Extinguisher enquiries, please contact us on 01375 265950 or at info@totalsafeuk.com.

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